User Fees

For NCSU users, the monthly cap is $1000 per student per project. For all other academic institutions, the monthly cap is $1250.

If processing for academic users is performed by the NNF staff, an additional staff rate of $47.72/hour is charged for all processes and this charge is not capped. The same rate also applies to all consulting, troubleshooting or any other work involving the NNF staff. The staff rate is $100/hour for industrial projects.

Equipment training will incur cost for both tool usage time and staff time. The tool usage will contribute to the user’s monthly cap but the staff time is not limited. If more than one user can be trained at the same time the cost will be divided between the individual user projects.

NNF offers free processing to undergraduate students supporting a graduate student project. The graduate student must be an active user of the NNF to drive the project and make processing decisions. If the undergraduate student is working on an independent research project they will be billed at the normal NCSU student rate. To learn more about these programs, please go back to the home page and click on the "get started" button.

  Academic Rates Industry Rates
 Tool NCSU On-site
On-site Remote
Furnace C1: Forming Gas Anneal - High K $40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Furnace C2: SiC$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Furnace C3: Phosphorus Disk Doping$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Furnace C4: Forming Gas Anneal$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Furnace D1: Steam Oxidation$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Furnace D2: Boron Disk Doping$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Furnace D3: Dry Oxidation$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Furnace D4: Drive In Anneal$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Furnace: RTA (Heatpulse 610)$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Glovebox: RH Evaporator$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Glovebox: Spinner$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Hoods: $40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Hoods: Acid Research (room 227)$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Hoods: Develop Photoresist$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Hoods: Equipment Clean$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Hoods: KOH$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Hoods: Liftoff$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Hoods: Metal etch, nitride etch$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Hoods: Nano strip, BOE$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Hoods: Poly, BD Etch, P deglaze$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Hoods: SC1&2, JTB$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Hoods: Solvent Research (Rm 227)$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Hoods: Spin Dryer$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Hoods: TNLC$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Hoods: Tube Etcher$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Internal Credit$1.00/run$1.00/run$1.00/run$1.00/run$1.00/run
Internal Test disappearing 6$90.00/run$120.00/run$120.00/run$214.50/run$214.50/run
Metrology: Anechoic Chamber$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Metrology: Ellipsometer (VASE)$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Metrology: Four Point Probe$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Metrology: General Microscope1$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Metrology: HP 4145$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Metrology: HP 4284A LCR$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Metrology: I-V & CV Station (1)$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Metrology: Keithley$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Metrology: LSR$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Metrology: Microscope 2 - stepper$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Metrology: Photo Microscope$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Metrology: Photo Video Microscope$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Metrology: Profilometer - Dektak$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Metrology: T102 Microscope$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Metrology: Thickness (Nanometrics Etch)$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Metrology: Thickness (Nanometrics Photo)$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Metrology: Wyko Optical Profilometer$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Nanolithography: BioForce Enabler$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Nanolithography: NanoImprinter$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Nanolithography: Raith 150$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Photolithography: Blue M Oven$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Photolithography: Contact Aligner (MA6)$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Photolithography: GCA Stepper$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
photolithography: Headway Spin 1/Hot Pla$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Photolithography: Hot Plate (TNLC)$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Photolithography: Laurell spinner photo/$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Photolithography: Ultrasonic $40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$71.50/hr$71.50/hr
Photololithography: Spin Track$250.00/hr$250.00/hr$250.00/hr$500.00/hr$500.00/hr
Plasma Processing: O2 clean - Asher$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
RIE: Deep RIE$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
RIE: Oxford$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
RIE: Semigroup$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
RIE: Trion Minilock$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Staff time/tool operation$47.72/hr$47.72/hr$47.72/hr$100.00/hr$100.00/hr
Thin Film Deposition: (Si/SiGe Epitaxy)$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Thin Film Deposition: 6in Ebeam 2$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Thin Film Deposition: DC Sputtering 1$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Thin Film Deposition: LPCVD Polysilicon$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Thin Film Deposition: LPCVD Si3N4$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Thin Film Deposition: LPCVD SiO2 3$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Thin Film Deposition: PECVD (Premitec)$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Thin Film Deposition: RH Evaporator$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Thin Film Deposition: Thermionics Ebeam$40.00/hr$50.00/hr$50.00/hr$85.00/hr$85.00/hr
Wafer Photoresist Charges$4.05/run$4.05/run$4.05/run$4.05/run$4.05/run

Note: The cost of materials and supplies for all standard NNF processes is included in the user fees unless noted otherwise. NNF also offers chemicals and other supplies for sale for non-standard processes and experiments. The sales price of these items is determined by adding a handling fee of 10% to the cost.

1: All users will be charged a "precious metal fee" for special sputtering target materials such as Au and Pt. For industrial users (remote and on-site) this fee is $214.50/deposition run for up to 300nm thickness. For all academic users, the charge is $150.00/deposition run for up to 300nm thickness and this fee is not capped.

2: Users, who need precious metal evaporation (e.g. gold and platinum) in their fabrication processes regularly are expected to purchase their own metal pellets. We use 1/8 inch long, 1/8 inch diameter pellets of 99.99% purity. Users are also recommended to bring their own evaporation crucibles, which eliminates the need of removing the remaining metal from the NNF crucible. NNF will keep a limited supply of gold and platinum for occasional academic and industrial users. The current charge for gold and platinum is $90 / gm. The amount used is determined by weighing the crucible before and after evaporation. Please note that gold can also be deposited by DC Sputtering.

3: All academic users will be charged an additional materials fee of $154 per 100 nm of SiO2 and this fee is not included in the monthly cap.