After Hours Sign-Up Calendar

The NCSU Nanofabrication Facility is open 24/7 except during scheduled or emergency shut-downs.  However, there are no staff members working in the facility after 5 PM, on weekends or on vacation days.  During these times, the two-body rule is strictly enforced.  Users are warned that by not following this rule, they can lose their lab access instantly and indefinitely.  Please also note that if you need to work in the lab, it is your responsibility to find a second qualified user.  If you can not find another qualified user, you simply can not work in the facility no matter how important your work might be.  To facilitiate the process of finding a second user, we encourage our users to use the following sign-up calendar to indicate their names and the time interval they intend to be in the laboratory:

To use this calendar, you need to obtain the login information from the NNF Lab manager.  In addition to your name, we encourage you to include your e-mail address so other users can contact you.