NNF houses a large variety of standard equipment and processes that can be used for patterning, deposition and etching of thin films.  Please follow the links on the left to learn about different tools and processes.  The list below provides the names of the NNF Staff  responsible for operating the tools and training new users. Please contact the responsible NNF staff member directly if you have a process need or you simply need to ask a question about a tool or process.


Surface Preparation RCA Nicole Hedges Marcio Cerullo
BOE - Nanostrip BOE Marcio Cerullo Nicole Hedges
BOE + HF Marcio Cerullo Nicole Hedges
Nanostrip Marcio Cerullo Nicole Hedges
Polysilicon Poly Etch Nicole Hedges
BD Etch Nicole Hedges Marcio Cerullo
P Deglaze Nicole Hedges Marcio Cerullo
Lift off NMP Harold Madsen
Nicole Hedges
Metal + SiN Etch Al Etch Nicole Hedges Marcio Cerullo
Ti Etch Nicole Hedges Marcio Cerullo
SiN Etch Nicole Hedges
Photoresist Develop NMP Harold Madsen Nicole Hedges
MF319 Harold Madsen Nicole Hedges
KOH Hood KOH Marcio Cerullo Nicole Hedges
Metal Deposition E-Beam Nicole Hedges Henry Taylor
Resistive Heated Evaporation Nicole Hedges Henry Taylor
Sputtering Nicole Hedges Henry Taylor
IBAD Marcio Cerullo Henry Taylor
Glovebox Nicole Hedges Marcio Cerullo
LPCVD Polysilicon Henry Taylor
Silicon Dioxide Henry Taylor
Silicon Nitride Henry Taylor
PECVD PECVD (SiO2, Si3N4 & Si:H) Nicole Hedges Marcio Cerullo
Premitec Nicole Hedges Marcio Cerullo
Si/SiGe Epitaxy UHV-RTCVD Epitaxy Nicole Hedges
ANNEALING Furnaces + RTA Nicole Hedges Henry Taylor
LITHOGRAPHY MA6 Harold Madsen Nicole Hedges
GCA I-Line Stepper Harold Madsen Nicole Hedges
E-Beam Lithography Harold Madsen Nicole Hedges
Nanoimprinter Nicole Hedges
Spinners Harold Madsen Nicole Hedges
Semigroup Marcio Cerullo
TRION Marcio Cerullo


Marcio Cerullo


MEASUREMENTS Nanometrics Harold Madsen Marcio Cerullo
Ellipsometry Harold Madsen Marcio Cerullo
Anechoic Chamber Marcio Cerullo Nicole Hedges
Dektak Nicole Hedges Marcio Cerullo
Probe Station Marcio Cerullo Nicole Hedges
AFM Marcio Cerullo Nicole Hedges
FACILITY INFRASTRUCTURE DI Water Marcio Cerullo Henry Taylor
Nitrogen Generation Marcio Cerullo Henry Taylor
Gas Sensing Marcio Cerullo Henry Taylor
Gowning Marcio Cerullo
Henry Taylor
LAB SAFETY Marcio Cerullo Nicole Hedges