The NCSU Nanofabrication Facility is committed to providing support to researchers from both academia and industry.

Equipment Sharing
Please see our sister organization, the
NCSU Analytical Instrumentation Facility
for your microscopy and surface analysis needs including hands on instrument operator training as well as analytical technique development to meet specific user needs.


The NCSU Nanofabrication Facility provides users with a broad range of nanofabrication capabilities to support a diverse set of projects.

The facility houses virtually all standard thin film processing tools including Raith 150 Two Electron Beam Lithography System. The facility serves as a melting pot for a community of top-notch researchers from academica, government labs and industry representing a variety of disciplines.

The vast majority of users, many traveling from afar, prefer to come on-site for hands-on access to the facility. Users with well-defined projects can also have their work performed by our experienced staff.